New Alliances

New Alliances

Our scouts have returned with great news! Treaties have been made and new alliances forged. Mantic Games and Dice Envy will soon be gracing our shelves!!!

Dice Envy logo Lion face between words

Always on the look out for new and interesting dice has landed us on the doorstep of Dice Envy. We have been playing with the idea of launching Dice Subscriptions and Dice Advent Calendars. In searching to see what was currently on the market in regards to those two options, we found Dice Envy. They have a fabulous array of dice to offer. We will be stocking up on their dice as soon as the manufacturers can resupply us all. We cannot wait to show you the awesome treasure horde Dice Envy has to offer!!

White dice with blue numbers and snowflakesWooden dice is striped colorsBlack and yellow fancy dice




Mantic Games logo black paint splatter with the word Mantic overlaid on the number 10

In our quest to find all the best games we stumbled upon Mantic Games, and what a lucky dice roll that was! Their Kings of War is the easiest, and most fun, way to get started in the army battle world! They have an impressive array of armies and miniatures to get you going right away. My favorite part about their system is the flexibility it allows for you to field any type of army, with any type of figs, you want! We will be showcasing both their traditional army builds AND some unique home brew armies over the coming months. Their system is so easy to learn that it is great for veterans and newbies alike! They also have several other games we will be highlighting in the future like The Walking Dead, Hellboy and Vanguard to name a few.

Large army on field of battleLarge army in winter sceneLarge army arrayed in front of castle 


So, what does this all mean for you??

We will be offering both a monthly/quarterly subscription plan AND count-down calendars to celebrate everything from your favorite holiday to your daily love for dice! If you would like one of these items before they go live, just send us a message and we will get you started right away. 

We have also started running small Kings of War games to help us all learn the rules. If you are interested in getting started with an army or learning the rules let us know. We have access to the entire Mantic catalog and can add your requests to our next order. We are currently selling their stock as soon as it comes in and cannot get it onto the shelves/website before its gone. We can also schedule a small gaming session if you are local to Tampa, FL for you to learn the game. If you have questions or need help with the rules you can message us too. If we don't have the answer, we can ask Mantic directly for you! 


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