Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Hello all, 

We are working on new and exciting things here at Two Fairies And A Dwarf!!

We are creating a new logo. Taking new product pictures to fill some of the glaring holes you see on our site. Revamping our inventory. All this in an exciting push to....open our own brick and mortar gaming store!

We have loads of new stock. We have dice, miniatures and books. We are always on the lookout for new and fun gaming supplies too. You want a mimic dice bag? A giant plush d20? Can't find that certain perfect set of dice? We will have it or know where to get it! We have been partnering with new vendors and distributors to start bringing you the coolest gaming supplies on the market, along with the classic pieces we all love!

We want this to be a true Adventuring Guild! So stay posted to our new blog for all the updates and fun sweets and treats we have in store for you!


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