About Us

As the name states, there are 2 Fairies and a Dwarf.  The Fairies are also known as Jackie and Candy. The Dwarf is also known as Henry.


We wanted to make things for the fandoms we were excited about because we couldn't find them.  When we could find them, they were more expensive than we realized.


Cos-playing and fan conventions has been a major part of our adult lives.  Buying the items we needed because a financial burden; therefore, like most cos-players, we started making everything ourselves.  Then we started selling it.


Our goal is to keep cost of these items reasonable so that the young person who wants to build a costume, add to a costume, or just sport something from their favorite movie, game, or TV Show can afford it.


We are located in Brandon, Florida.  Our workshop is run out of our house.

Our Etsy store has been active since 2014.  We can be seen at local conventions in Florida.  We have also done conventions in Knoxville, TN, Indianapolis, IN, and Dallas, TX.

We can be reached by email at twofaad@gmail.com.