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2 Pack: The Deck of Many Friends & The Deck of Many Foes

2 Pack: The Deck of Many Friends & The Deck of Many Foes

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This is Your Fantasy Toolbox

From the makers of The Deck of Many Things and The Deck of Many Fates comes a new duo of artifacts: The Decks of Many Friends and Foes.

Originally found in the ruins of the ancient Empire of Netheril, these two decks are the ultimate storytelling accessory, with a total of 49 hand-illustrated character cards at your disposal. Whether you’re in need of a friend to guide your players along or a foe to give them a tough challenge, these decks offer countless possibilities for even the most novice of Game Masters.

Each character comes with their own race, alignment, history, stat archetypes, and GM Secret. These traits are only suggestions, leaving every character fully customizable to fit any GM’s needs. The secret of each character is known only to the GM but can be used to create additional storylines for any campaign.

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