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5E Rappan Athuk

5E Rappan Athuk

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Rappan Athuk, the legendary Dungeon of Graves, is a subterranean network of horror stretching down into the darkest depths of the world. Only the cleverest and most resilient of adventurers will survive to confront the enemy at the journey’s end – for Orcus, the legendary Prince of the Undead, makes Rappan Athuk his lair. If your party has the skills, fortitude, and judgement necessary to meet him, then Frog God Games invites you to the legendary halls of Rappan Athuk.

Rappan Athuk is reborn for Fifth Edition and ready for you to explore! First released by Necromancer Games in late 2000, this tabletop classic has been thwarting the brave and humbling the strong for almost two decades. Weighing in at over 660 pages, Rappan Athuk for Fifth Edition has enough adventure to advance characters from 1st to 20th level across over 100 mapped locations including:
56 dungeon levels
20 levels spread among satellite dungeons
22 wilderness areas which include outdoor, castle and lair locations begging to be explored.
Plus the Village of Zelkor’s Ferry! A starting point for the earnest, and a refuge for the weary, expeditions into Rappan Athuk.

With decades of playtesting and use in campaigns around the globe, Rappan Athuk can be the foundation for a long-term Fifth Edition campaign or serve as a challenge for any character level when you need a place for quick side-trek adventures!

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