Mantic Entertainment Ltd. MGCWL404 KoW3E: NA: Frost Fang Cavalry Regiment

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Frost Fangs are an ancient, primeval ancestor of the Gur Panthers that the forces of Basileaemploy in battle. Where the panthers are sleek and graceful, the Frost Fangs are heavy-set but hugely powerful. Known to the shattered clans as Direfangs, they are savage killers, covered in a thick hide and dense white fur. Their claws can shear through plate like butter and their jaws are strong enough to crush the skulls of giants. Only the bravest, or sometimes craziest, of volunteers will attempt to ride such beasts, though in truth they do little else than try and steer the creatures towards the enemy.

3 Resin Frost Fang Cavalry
50mm Square Bases

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted.