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Two Fairies and A Dwarf

Adventuring Supplies (Dice AND Miniatures)

Adventuring Supplies (Dice AND Miniatures)

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Available in both one time GIFT BOXES and RECURRING SUBSCRIPTIONS!! There are several levels to choose from - $10, $16, $35 & $50 (+shipping). The subscriptions can occur every month, three months or six months. Each box of adventuring supplies is filled with a minimum retail value of the level you choose. They can include anything from mini dice to Large Figures and are pulled from all our current product lines. We carry Skullsplitter, Chessex, Metallic Games Dice, Koplow, QWorkShop, Sirius, Gate Keeper Games, Tasty Minstrel Games, Reaper, Mantic and Wizkids. We are always hunting down new loot to add to the horde. See the gallery of random pictures to view examples of what you will find in your shipments. When you sign up, please answer the questions below so we can try to make your boxes a little more unique for you.

Subscription Questions:

1. What is your favorite Color?

2. When is your birthday?

3. What is your favorite style of dice? (Glitter, swirl, opaque, etc)

4. What is your favorite brand of dice?

5. What die do you use most other than a d20?

6. What game systems do you play?

 7. What game systems do you play?

8. What is your favorite race to play?

9. What is your favorite class to play?

10. What is your favorite brand of miniatures?

11. What minis do you use most often or never seem to have enough of? 

12. How did you hear about our Adventuring Supplies?

13. If we added other gear to the subscription, what would you be interested in?

14. Let us know anything else that will help us put together better supplies for you!

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