Semi-Precious Gemstone Blue Sandstone

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There’s no gold in blue goldstone, but there is sand quartz that creates glass. Considered a gemstone, blue sandstone was invented in the 17th century by a Venetian family. Believed to open the galaxies on your astral travel and bring luck, blue gold stone is a manifestation stone. Called the wishing stone in other cultures, blue stone with gold is a mystic stone. The essence and meaning of blue type of goldstone is ambition. It is a stone of desires and dreams. Giver of hope and light, blue sand stone is believed to be the best stone for empaths. It can enhance your telepathy and spiritual awareness. It resets your life and invites new and winning opportunities into your life. Blue gold type stone is one for acceptance and faith too.

Throat Chakra is the first chakra opened by using blue sandstone. It gives you the power to speak up without fear. The stone of courage and self-confidence, blue sandstone also helps you find the truth. It is a destiny stone to hold close to your heart.

Heart Chakra is the second chakra charged by using a sandstone in blue. It increases your blood circulation and makes you feel strong. The stamina stone also makes you healthier and fitter. Heart chakra vibrations of blue type of goldstone can help you in attracting love from others towards you. Crown Chakra is the chakra located over your head. It connects you to the etheric realm to seek guidance. An intuitive chakra, crown chakra powers helps you broaden your spiritual awareness too.